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Ideal Medical Solutions Ltd. is a medical device distribution company based in Epsom, Surrey UK

Established in 2011, Ideal Medical Solutions Ltd is renowned for bringing innovative technology to market in the UK, Ireland and the GCC.

Ideal Medical Solutions is a specialist distributor of pioneering healthcare solutions, providing an extensive, high-quality range of products across various indications including Breast, Burns, Plastics, Reconstruction, Aesthetic and wound care, in both NHS and the Private sector.

As a distribution company, we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have built with world leading manufacturers and bringing some of the highest quality medical devices to market. Our success has enabled us to expand our distribution channels across UK, Ireland and the GCC, and we continually advance and expand our range with new innovations and technologies.

Over the last few years, the business has grown significantly, however the family business ethos has not changed, and is reflected in the care for our patients, people, and products. Our key philosophy is to always offer the best overall value for our customers based on both clinical outcomes and cost. We always strive to match our customers objectives by offering ‘the highest quality innovative solutions.

IMS Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative healthcare products that improve patients’ lives and support healthcare professionals. We achieve this by keeping our company values at the centre of everything we do:


Empowering People

People are always at the core of our business; our people and customers inspire us to act with commitment and passion.

We strive to build and retain a strong and knowledgeable team by recognising excellence, and by creating development opportunities to be successful.

Commitment to Quality

Committed to delivering high quality product solutions to support everyday healthcare challenges catered around safety of customers.

Constantly reviewing our processes and performance with the feedback from our customers provides the opportunities to improve.

Business Agility

Taking a dynamic approach to internal and external challenges to overcome, we thrive and adapt within the healthcare sector. We are proactively working with worldwide manufacturers to provide innovative solutions.

Effective Innovation

An ability to successfully launch unique innovations into the UK, Ireland and the GCC. All our products are focused on providing simple and efficient solutions to a range of complex healthcare needs.