EchoLaser Evo

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One integrated system for multiple applications

EchoLaser EVO offers options for integrating in a single system all the components needed to perform laser thermal ablation procedures on soft tissues in a safe, predictable and reproducible way. It is in fact a system composed by a multi-source laser module for the delivering of laser radiation and a dedicated smart interface which can be paired with the majority of ultrasound (US) systems available on the market for the planning, real-time guidance and verification of the treatment.

Pre-treatment planning with enhanced lesion targeting

Dedicated pre-treatment planning software aids the operator in determining the most suitable treatment options for each specific clinical case and treatment endpoint: Laser-Induced Cyto Reduction (LICR) to address benign lesions or complete necrosis for the treatment of malignant lesions.

LICR applications – Benign lesions The aim of the treatment is to reduce the amount of excess tissue in benign lesions, i.e. Benign Thyroid Nodules (BTN) or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). In such applications ESI software allows the operator to set treatment parameters (needle insertion angle, number and spacing of fibers, pullback etc.), reproducing in real-time needles insertion trajectories and a closed perimeter, representing the safety distances to be maintained in order to spare anatomical structures which need to be preserved from the effect of thermal treatment. The correct treatment planning is achieved by enlarging the displayed perimeter as much as possible, without exiting the lump or including anatomical structures not intended to be treated.


Complete necrosis applications – Malignant lesions The aim of the treatment is the complete necrosis of the tissue. In such applications ESI software adds to the tools provided for the planning of LICR treatments, an additional inner area useful to center the target lesion as a viewfinder for the fine positioning of the introducer needles. The correct treatment planning is achieved by including in the inner area the targeted tumour itself plus the desired extra ablation area (safety margin), while respecting the distances from critical anatomical structures. If one of these conditions is not satisfied, needle repositioning should be considered.


Planning Verification

This feature allows the physician to verify needles placement in the target tissue. It is a useful tool to double check the real applicators positioning before starting the ablation procedures.

Verification of needle positioning for the treatment of a BTN

Template grid coupling

Dedicated software for BPH and PCa procedures shows needles insertion points available using biplanar ultrasound probes template grids. The operator can thus place multiple applicators inside the prostate lobes, easily reaching the optimal position to perform the thermal treatment.

Real-time visual support

The US image provided by the monitoring system is replicated in real-time on ESI, allowing the user to have a visual feedback throughout the treatment.

Treatment area monitoring during energy delivery

Remote Assistance

The operator can activate the remote control modality to share in real-time the Echolaser Smart Interface screen with experienced colleagues, to share and discuss the planning of the thermal ablation procedure during new users’ learning phase or to seek expert advice for complex clinical cases. This modality can also be used for technical remote support from Elesta application specialists.

Needle positioning in the prostate lobes using the template grid
Remote support in performing planning phases of the thermal ablation treatment