ModìLite is the ECHOLASER Thermal Ablation treatment for neck lesions, namely benign thyroid nodules.

ModìLite is indicated for those who have one or more benign solid thyroid nodules which are large enough to create aesthetic damage or local compression symptoms, or for those who prefer not to undergo surgery. ModìLite is also a safe and effective treatment for subjects who, due to critical medical conditions, are not able to undergo surgery.

Despite focusing on treatment of benign solid thyroid nodules, Modìlite is also effective for malignant neck lesions such as metastatic lymph nodes. With this application, the treatment is radical, resulting in a complete ablation of the lesion.

Modilite circle

What is it?

A single ModìLite treatment leads to a significant and persistent reduction in the volume of the thyroid nodule and improves local symptoms without any changes to the thyroid function.

Modìlite consists of the percutaneous insertion of optical fibres (1 or 2 depending on the size of the nodule), and the delivery of laser energy for several minutes, which heats the tissues until they are destroyed. Subsequently, the progressive reduction of the volume of the thyroid nodule (reduction of at least > 50% compared to the basal volume at the one-year follow-up) induced by the natural reduction mechanisms of the necrotic tissues of the human body leads to the disappearance of the compressive symptoms and aesthetic damage to the neck. The planning of the treatment, the insertion of the needles and the monitoring are all carried out under ultrasound guidance.

In order to facilitate the insertion manoeuvre and plan the best positioning of the needles in the lesion, ECHOLASER employs:

  • dedicated multi-applicator Guiding Systems for ultrasound probes specifically designed for the anatomical area of the thyroid, with the relative Biopsy Software that displays the guidelines on the screen;
  • Planning Software in the ultrasound unit that allows physicians to choose among the various treatment possibilities, the most suitable and safest for each specific case, and verify the correct positioning of the needles inside the nodule.


  • Reduction in volume of benign thyroid nodules due to the Laser Induced CytoReduction (LICR) process, resulting in an improvement of local symptoms;
  • Complete ablation of malignant neck tumours, with a sufficient safety margin


  • a reduction of the compressive symptoms and/or aesthetic damage
  • “in situ” thermal destruction with a consequent reduction of the nodule volume
  • preservation of the healthy tissue and the organ function
  • highly predictable and repeatable coagulation volume, as required in the small organs
  • use of fine, non-traumatic needles for neck structures
  • option of treating patients with pace-makers (excellent electromagnetic compatibility)
  • no general anaesthesia (thanks to the very fine needles not even local anaesthetic is necessary)
  • short duration of the treatment (few minutes)
  • no scars on the neck
  • rapid recovery
  • life-long hormone replacement therapy not necessary
  • no or insignificant post-treatment pain

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