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Exaflex Polifunctional is a high density collagen matrix, consisting of non-crosslinked bovine pericardium.

The matrix is manufactured using a proprietary process, which ensures the extraordinary characteristics of the natural pericardium are retained.  Bovine pericardium is known for rapid integration and low immunogenicity which supports the regeneration process. The matrix when implanted promotes formation of new collagen and subsequent vascularisation of the matrix, which will be remodelled and replaced with host tissue.

Exaflex Polifunctional has a natural bilayer structure with each of the two layers carrying out a specific task in the integration process;

Fibrous layer: This layer is placed in direct contact with the skin flaps. It is highly porous, and works in conjunction with cytokins and growth factors to encourage regeneration and early neoangiogenesis.

Smooth, Compact layer: This layer is placed in direct contact with the prothesis and gives structural support to the matrix.

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