Hematrix® Active Patch

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Stops bleeding within 5 minutes!

Hematrix® Active Patch is a haemostat designed specifically to stop even severe arterial bleeding within 5 minutes. The wound dressing is coated with clotting agents which rapidly react with the blood’s natural coagulation system after trauma. A blood clot is then immediately formed against the flow of blood of the injured blood vessels and closes the wound, thus the bleed is stopped within a couple of minutes.

Unlike other vascular closure devices, Hematrix® is designed to be a simple yet effective solution in accelerating the body’s natural clotting process.

Key features:

  • Directly applicable on bleeding tissue
  • Immediately activates the clotting cascade
  • Achieves haemostasis in 3-5 Minutes
  • Useable in arterial and venous bleeding
  • Effective haemostasis also in anticoagulated patients
  • Reduction in hospital stay
  • No adhesion with the wound
  • No restriction of the blood flow
  • Less haemorrhages
  • No secondary bleeding
  • Improved wound healing and wound hygiene
  • Quicker patient mobilisation
  • Ready to use
  • Long lasting compression not needed
  • Available in 5cmx5cm and 10cmx10cm

How to use Hematrix®

Hematrix® comes ready to use and after taking out the packaging place the blue active side of the Hematrix® active patch directly onto the wound. Manual compression is required directly over the puncture site of the wound for a minimum of 5 minutes to ensure a secure blood clot has been formed and bleeding is stopped.

Hematix® Clotting Cascade

The polyurethane sponge, thrombin, calcium chloride and epsilon-aminocaproic acid work in synergy to increase the production of the blood’s natural coagulation system after injury or surgery. The blood clot immediately formed against the flow of blood seals the injured blood vessels and closes the wound, thus stopping the bleeding within a short space of time.

For more information surrounding the safety and efficacy of Hematrix®, see the following clinical studies:

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