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The SURE-SCOPE is a ready-to-use single-use laryngoscope with a built-in LED light source. Unlike other laryngoscopes, the Sure-scope comes ready to use in one-piece and is designed to reduce assembly time and cross-contamination in the medical setting by making reusable light sources, handles, and blades obsolete. The SURE-SCOPE’s LED light source provides a guaranteed optimal illumination of 10,000 LUX whilst reducing the amount of battery waste compared to traditional laryngoscopes.

Product Features

  • Entirely single-use device eliminates the risk of cross-contamination
  • Comes ready for use with a built-in ultra-bright LED light source, no assembly required, and no additional parts needed
  • Wider handle with added grip
  • Revolutionary reinforced nylon material provides exceptional strength and rigidity
  • One-piece construction ensures blade integrity and eliminated risk of corrosion
  • Adult blades feature an on/off switch (NEW)
  • Tapered LED housing on adult blades for improved visibility

Reduce risk of cross-contamination with SURE-SCOPE

Despite the use of single-use blades, reusable laryngoscope handles provide a potential route for cross-contamination of pathogens from patient to patient. A 2009 study published in the Anaesthesia & Analgesia found 75% of laryngoscope handles tested were positive for bacteria. Even following mandates for cleaning and disinfection leaves pathogens that can transfer from one patient to the next. SURE-SCOPE’s unique and innovative single-use design eliminates risk of cross-contamination from reusable parts and components.

Revolutionary one-piece design

No batteries to replace and no extra parts or components is one of the key benefits of SURESCOPE. There is no risk of corrosion at the electrical contact point to reduce the efficiency of the light source either. This is a common problem for reusable handles/light sources exposed to rigorous disinfection and harsh chemicals.

Product code Product description
C090120 MAC 2
C090130 MAC 3
C090140 MAC 4
C090205 MILLER 00
C090200 MILLER 0
C090210 MILLER 1
C090220 MILLER 2
C090230 MILLER 3

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