A leading UK medical device distributor, providing innovative healthcare products from the worlds leading manufacturers.

We are proud to represent a range of world class companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We always strive to
match our customers objectives through our partners innovative products, and our outstanding services.

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Why partner with us?

As a leading medical device distributor, Ideal Medical Solutions Ltd.
is renowned for bringing innovative healthcare technology beyond
borders and into the hands of healthcare professionals.

We utilise our extensive experience in developing and marketing a broad range
of products to supply the NHS, private and international healthcare providers.

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Our Product Range

Quality surgical supplies from the world's leading manufacturers

Don’t just take our word for it

Our partnership started in 2013, since then Ideal Medical Solutions have grown to be one of our largest international distributors each year, and as an extra bonus great friends too! They created a significant start to the international business for our Filtron product line and have helped educate distributors in other countries. I would recommend starting the journey and growing the relationship with Ideal Medical Solutions, they are such a focused, hardworking company that will take your product line and help you make your mark on the UK market and beyond.

Shippert Medical

Ideal Partner Shippert
IMS has been our  trusted partner for over 5 years.  They are responsible for the launch, growth and ongoing success of our ONETRAC line in UK.  They have the infrastructure, network, and clinical knowledge required to successfully launch new product lines while simultaneously driving sales growth for with their existing product catalogue. We look forward to working with IMS for years to come.

EVP of Sales, OBP Medical

Ideal Partner OBP

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