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VeinSight Vein Finder

The VEINSIGHT™ vein finder digitally displays a map of the veins on the surface of the skin in real time, aiding healthcare professionals to verify vein patency.

As one of the most advanced vein finders ever, VS500 has many unique features to improve the user experience

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VeinSight Benefits

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Distance Sensing Technology

VS500 has an inbuilt distance sensing feature which will enable the end user to adapt the device to the optimal distance to identify the veins.

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Image Capture & Export

VS500 can save the vein image in Real time, and connect to a computer to export all saved images.

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Venepuncture Mode

VS500 has the unique function called Venepuncture Point Hint mode, which provides a yellow line along the centre of the vein.


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Mobile Stand

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Vein Enhancer

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Fixed Stand

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