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Puregraft fat grafting is changing the way aesthetic and reconstructive medicine is practiced, matching procedure results to patient demand. The system has been developed over a period of a decade perfecting the filtration technology to improve long-term graft retention. Differentiate your practice with predictable outcomes using superior fat.


How it works

The Puregraft system was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. With it's intuitive, 4-step process, Puregraft enables seamless and graft processing while maintaining the highest of standards for graft handling.


1.Add lipoaspirate

2. Wash with lactated ringers

3. Drain free lipids & other contaminants

4. Remove graft for volumizing & contouring

puregraft steps


Product CodeDescription
850/PUREPuregraft 850 System
250/PUREPuregraft 250 System
50/PUREPuregraft 50 System

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