Complaints Policy



This policy is designed to provide a positive response to complaints and product faults, and our commitment to proactively seek feedback so we can continuously learn and improve. Ideal Medical Solutions will ensure there are processes and resources in place for handling concerns and complaints to enable its responsibilities to be effectively discharged.

Ideal Medical Solutions is committed to promoting equality and diversity. No complainant or any other person involved in the investigation and resolution of a concern or complaint will receive unfair treatment as a result of raising a complaint or on the grounds of age, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious or equivalent belief system, political beliefs, gender, marital or partnership status, sexual orientation, disability, learning disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy/maternity status, trade union membership or non-membership, social class, domestic circumstances or any other condition or requirement which cannot be justified and which causes disadvantage.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the Complaints Policy are:

  • complaints will be dealt with efficiently;
  • complaints that cannot be immediately resolved will be properly investigated;
  • complainants will treated with respect and courtesy;
  • complainants receive, so far as is reasonably practical:
  • assistance to enable them to understand the procedure in relation to complaints; or
  • advice on where they may obtain such assistance;
  • complainants receive a timely and appropriate response;
  • complainants will be told the outcome of the investigation of their complaint; and
  • action is taken, if necessary, as an outcome of a complaint.

Openness, transparency and candour

Ideal Medical Solutions will be honest, open and truthful in all their dealings with complainants, and any organisational or personal interests will not be allowed to outweigh the duty to be honest, open and truthful. As part of being open, we will acknowledge, apologise and will report safety concerns openly and truthfully.

Issues not managed through this Policy

The complaint is already under investigation.

A verbal complaint which has been resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction within 24 hours. 

Complaints with the same details has already been investigated under this policy. 

Complaints about Freedom of Information requests and subject access requests.

Unreasonable and persistent complainants

In the event that a complainant is deemed as unreasonably persistent and/or repetitive, any decisions are made with reference to this policy and that the unreasonable and vexatious complaints are reviewed by Senior Management.

Who can complain?

A formal complaint may be made by a person affected by or likely to be affected by the action, omission or decision of Ideal Medical Solutions that is the subject of the complaint. Someone acting on behalf of another person may make a complaint where that person is unable to make the complaint and the representative has sufficient interest in their welfare, and be an appropriate person to act on their behalf.

When can a complaint be made?

Complaints should be made as soon as possible after the event has occurred but, where possible, no greater than 12 months. 

How to make a complaint? 

Complaints, whether informal or formal, can be made to any employee. Complaints can be made verbally or in writing, including e-mail, telephone, and the IMS website.  Please refer to the Complaints Procedure.

Where death or serious harm has been or may have been caused by the use of a medical device, the incident should be reported directly to the Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) using the Yellow Card System and to Ideal Medical Solutions.


How to make a complaint?

Concerns or  complaints should be made using one of the following methods:

Mail: Ideal Medical Solutions Limited

Unit B, Blenheim House 

1 Blenheim Road

Longmead Industrial Estate


KT19 9AP


Telephone: +44 (0)20 8773 7844

Website: us

NOTE: If the concern or complaint is related to products, please retain any packaging and product details.

What happens next?

All complaints are acknowledged in writing no later than 3 working days (Monday to Friday, excluding UK Bank Holidays) from receipt of the complaint, providing the complainant with a Complaint reference number. The  Complaint reference number will be used on all further correspondences.

An Ideal Medical Solutions representative will contact the complainant to arrange a visit or call to take full details of the complaint within 2 working days. The complainant will be provided with a copy of the information collected during the visit or call, the timeframe for the response and arrangements for the return of any faulty products and replacement, where necessary.

For product related complaints, the manufacturer will be notified within 1 working day on receipt of a complaint.


Ideal Medical Solutions will review the complaint to determine the extent of the complaint investigation and appoint an appropriate to lead on the complaint.

Ideal Medical Solutions aim to complete complaint investigations within 20 working days.  Should an investigation fall out of this time frame an interim response will be given in the allotted time to update the complainant.

Responding to the Complainant

A full response will be sent in writing. In some cases the complainant may have expressed a preference for a telephone discussion regarding the outcome. However, this will always be followed up by a written response so that both parties have a written record of the outcome.

As a result of the investigation actions may include:

  • Specific improvements to service
  • Suggestions and improvements to the manufacturer
  • Corrective actions issued by the manufacturer, e.g. Field Safety Notices
  • Recommendations on staff training

Actions identified as a result of a complaint should be implemented within a reasonable timetable.  In the event of a Field Safety Notice being issued by the manufacturer as a result of a complaint, Ideal Medical Solutions will notify the complainant and any affected customer of the action immediately.

Re-opening a Complaint

Where the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution, the complaint will be escalated to an independent Director or Chief Executive Officer to determine if further response is required. If further investigation is required the timeframes for acknowledgement and investigation above apply.

Withdrawing a complaint

Where a complainant requests that a formal complaint is withdrawn, Ideal Medical Solutions will record the complaint and will undertake a review as per the normal procedure if there is sufficient information to do so. This is so that issues can still be captured and any actions taken.

Recording and Monitoring

All complaints and product faults will be recorded in the Ideal Medical Solutions internal complaints register. These will be included in the Business Review Group and reviewed on a monthly basis.

Reoccurring complaints and/or faults which occur more than once in a two month period or more than twice in a 6 month period will be internally escalated to the board for review and to agree action to address the issues arising.

Action will be noted and updated as part of the Ideal Medical Solutions Business Review Group on a monthly basis to ensure that improvements have been made and action taken to prevent and reduce complaints.


Timely, responsive and secure information sharing is key to an efficient and effective complaints process. All information gathered is kept in accordance with Ideal Medical Solutions GDPR Policy.