4D Dome

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4D Dome

The COUSIN's 4D Mesh is semi-resorbable and indicated for Inguinal and Femoral Hernias using the plug technique. The 4D Dome 2 pieces of mesh, the dome and the anterior reinforcement mesh. The dome is 90% PLLA (Poly L Lactic Acid) and 10% polypropylene, and the anterior reinforcement mesh is 75% PLLA (Poly L Lactic Acid) and 25% polypropylene.

The 4D Dome is designed to slowly become flat after 6 months, meaning there is no pointy shape left in the patient which greatly improves patient comfort.


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Advantages of PLLA

Initial Stiffness

PLLA gives the mesh the requested strength and shape memory for easy operative placement. Once the PLLA material absorbs, the remaining lightweight PP knit is very thin, yet resistant, and conformable to the patients abdominal wall.

Early Hydrophilic Property

PLLA monofilaments are hydrophilic and therefore provide a gentle gripping effect to the mesh. Once in place, the mesh holds to the abdominal wall and if needed, the mesh can be repositioned without any trauma to the tissues.

Late Absorbable Property

PLLA is slowly degraded over time into lactate, which not only aids the healing process, but also means very little material is left in the patient.

Benefits of the 4D Product Range


Saftety & Efficacy

Mesh holds to the wall thanks to the hydrophilic properties of PLLA, meaning less risk of mesh migration.

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Ease of Use

Mesh stays in place thanks to the hydrophilic properties of PLLA, but can also be repositioned with ease.


Patient Comfort

Less material is left in the patient after the PLLA has absorbed, and the remaining polypropylene is very compliant.

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Time Saving

Unlike other meshes, the 4D mesh has no hooks making it easy to place and reposition, therefore saving time.

4D Dome Range

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