Partner with us today to break into new markets with your latest medical device innovations.

As a leading medical device distributor, Ideal Medical Solutions Ltd. is renowned for bringing innovative healthcare technology beyond borders and into the hands of healthcare professionals.

We utilise our extensive experience in developing and marketing a broad range of products to supply the NHS, private and international healthcare providers.

As a distribution company, we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have built with world leading manufacturers over many years. Our success has enabled us to expand our distribution channels across the UK, Ireland and the GCC, as we continually advance and expand our range with new innovations and technologies. We have built a robust network of industry connections across the world. These valuable relationships enable us to distribute into over 25 countries worldwide. This global reach enables our manufacturers access to an excellent resource to develop and expand their market reach. Together we can help more healthcare professionals around the world provide the very best care to their patients.


We believe working closely with the manufacturer is the foundation for bringing innovation to market successfully. We continuously communicate with our partners to provide current industry insight and share our knowledge of the fast-pasted, rapidly changing healthcare environment. We operate with an open policy to ensure visibility, striving to build trusting relationships with all customers and partners. For us, the learning never stops. We welcome any opportunities for training from our manufactures as we believe the power of knowledge will mutually benefit our teams, resulting in business growth and increased market share.

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Sales Team

We have a team of highly motivated sales professionals including specialist Regional and International Sales Managers; all of whom possess exceptional knowledge of both the industry and our product ranges. As a medium sized business, we have the capacity to adapt rapidly to changes in the industry, healthcare needs; and we work creatively to navigate the most complex of healthcare systems. Our expert sales team provide complete coverage of the UK, Ireland and are renowned for their commercial acumen and solid understanding of patient and clinician needs. They are on hand to provide support and training to our healthcare professionals every step of the way, building mutual trust and respect.

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Customer Service Team

Our friendly customer service team support everything we do, based in our Epsom head office, they recognise the importance of communication, the value of efficiency and the significance of outstanding customer service. Our team have an in-depth knowledge of our products and will guide you with any enquiries or connect you to your local representative if desired. We strive to provide the best possible customer care to ensure any enquiries are followed up and support is offered as standard.

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Over the years IMS has developed considerable expertise, credibility, networks, tools and experience in acquiring supply routes. Our well-established relationships expand across all NHS trusts, NHS Supply chain, private hospitals, third-party distributors, and preferred international distribution partners. Our dedicated team are experienced in navigating tender applications and framework submissions. We work closely with industry stakeholders including the Academic Health Science Networks to maximise the market opportunities and support the development of our innovations.

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With ample experience in the healthcare field, we have acquired a wealth of industry knowledge that make us qualified for providing market access solutions.

We have extensive experience in overcoming the many logistical challenges faced in the distribution of medical devices across a large geographical area. Our warehouse facilities are onsite and can accommodate a range of product needs, from controlled temperature requirements to specialist packing. Our experienced and dedicated warehouse team can process and dispatch orders promptly, usually on day of PO receipt from our Epsom warehouses.

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Our diverse marketing strategies ensure we can reach our target market through several channels. We effectively engage with digital platforms, have a wide-ranging social media following and keep regular communication with our clients through their preferred method.

We are proud to represent our manufacturing partners and product ranges at various industry events on both the local and national level. We have worked hard to establish a clear presence at such events, which enable us to engage with our network of customers, creating new connections and nurturing current ones. These events also provide an invaluable platform to gain feedback on new products or market changes and to understand developments within clinical practice. Paired with the support of our long-standing relationships with KOL surgeons, these events provide an excellent resource for launching new products into the market.

If you are passionate about bringing innovative healthcare products to market or would like to enquire about international distribution: Ideal Medical Solutions would love to hear from you. Please contact Admin@ideal-ms.com